Miss June Weighs in on Miss Emma

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About once a week or so (heavy on the “or so”), I send an email to all the guys on my Niteflirt caller list. Recently my friend Miss June guest-wrote for me and I thought I’d share it here. It says nice things about me, of course, but I especially love her creative way with graphic images! I just sit back in awe.

So here it is:

Hi guys, this is Miss June writing and creating the graphics for this email.

Some time ago, my friend, Emmalouise, was kind enough to share a lovely email about me. I want to return the favor. Here are some of the qualities I appreciate about Emmalouise that might also be of interest to you. Whether you are already one of her many many callers or whether you are considering calling for the first time, I hope these thoughts will remind you to be grateful that you have found her.

Miss Emma is a happy listener. She wants you to tell your stories. Even if you have shared them with her before, she wants to hear them again. She loves to listen. I enjoy hearing stories, too, but only to a point. Then I want to lead you. I have trouble controlling my Dominant urges. With Miss Emma, you are free to share and share and share and share and know that she truly enjoys hearing you out. She will never tell you to put on your big girl panties and deal with your issues like I will. lol She is nicer than I am.

Miss Emma is tireless. This goes along with the point I just made. Miss Emma has STAMINA! She tells me about some of her calls (never any private details, just a general outline) and I ask her, “How do you not lose your mind on calls like those?!?!” Repetitive calls. Calls I would find troubling or monotonous. Calls where I would either push you out of your comfort zone or else dismiss you because I have gone numb – Miss Emma is not only right there for you giving you all the room you need to be yourself, no matter what that means, but she genuinely enjoys your chatting. She is very generous with her time.

And finally, Miss Emma is unique. She does not try to hide the fact that she comes at life from her own unique perspective. She is willing to play different roles for your calls and will often enjoy inhabiting those roles in ways that I could never manage. But she has her own logic and her own silly sense of humor and she walks her own singular path.

I hope you enjoy my friend Emmalouise. Tell her all your secrets. That will please her. And then if you occasionally get too big for your britches because she makes you feel so special, you may call me once in a while to be humbled and put in your place. 🙂

Have a great week, playthings!

Mature Phone Sex: How Long Is It?

I love the Monty Python lifeboat skit.

This post isn’t about penis size, though–caughtcha, didn’t I!

It’s about call length.

Intelligent Phone Sex

How an Intelligent Phone Sex Girl Gets Started

My first paid phone sex experience was with a large company I won’t name, which is no longer in operation. I lasted a whole two months before they and I mutually agreed we weren’t a good fit. First off, they wanted us to sound like horny party girls at home paying for a chat line, just like the guys calling.

I hated that. Men are not that dumb, and I don’t think most of you like being treated that way.

They never liked my voice. “Be yourself!” “Sound perkier!” “Sound younger!” “Be chatty!” “Be like these other girls!” “You’re trying too hard!” “Just be yourself, only different!” Ugh.

But the worst, the very worst thing was that they required us to keep guys on the phone as long as possible–no matter what it took. “Don’t talk about sex too soon–chat them up.” “Stretch every call for every minute you can!” Pay was based on how long we could manipulate a guy to stay on the line. We were rewarded for keeping them longer and penalized for shorter calls. In the industry, your average call length is called “hold time.”

I was a spectacular hold time flop.

Mature Phone Sex Done Right

I believe when you call me, you should get the mature phone sex you’re paying for. If you want to chit-chat, I’m happy to do that! I enjoy my callers, and I love talking with you. But if you call me just to get off, I’m going to do my best to get you off the way you want it.

If you want to get right into it and hang up the moment you’re done, that’s fine by me. If that takes two minutes, great! I hope I gave you an awesome two minutes! Five, ten, twenty minutes, whatever: it’s about quality, not quantity.

Now don’t get me wrong; I especially enjoy longer calls. This is intelligent phone sex at it’s best! I’m actually a little shy with small talk. But I absolutely thrive on long, deep sharing sessions. Your life story is fascinating to me.

In defense of the phone sex industry, I have to mention that the negative approach I described above is less and less the norm. Phone sex is evolving into a more fetish-oriented, often relationship-based experience, as talented women (and men!) go independent on Niteflirt and other platforms, or with their own websites and toll-free numbers, and on their own terms.

So whether you need a quickie, a long cozy chat, or something in between, I just want you to know whatever the length of your call, it’s welcome on my line.

It’s not about the clock: it’s about you.


Stockings and Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

Pantyhose Fetish Phone SexStockings and pantyhose

. . . such a popular fetish! Some of you like the thought of me wearing them . . . and some of you prefer wearing them yourself!

That silky softness that hugs the skin perfectly: it draws the eyes and attention both up and down, to the worship-inspiring and deeply-desired mystery under the skirt and to the feet you want to feel circling you, giving you an entirely different sort of pleasure.

A Mature Woman, Phone Sex, and Pantyhose

I have a caller with a pantyhose and foot fetish and we’ve woven close to three years of a continuing role-play phone sex story with it. I’ve played many women in his life from family friends to teachers to a stranger at his door. He started out as a bad-mannered teen (we certainly took care of his manners!) and now he’s home from the military and taking orders from me–wearing my pantyhose. His reward? My feet, in my luxurious pantyhose, wrapped around his phallus.

Some remember long ago when they first saw a mature woman, perhaps even their mother or grandmother or an aunt, in her pantyhose, or her girdle and stockings, and the immediate rush of a strange and wonderful feeling “down there” that has never really gone away. Forty years later and it’s still a source of amazing pleasure when you are all alone!

Pantyhose Foot Fetish Phone SexAnd I know some of you naughty boys try on your wife’s stockings or pantyhose in secret, hoping no one, least of all your wife, EVER finds out. Oh, honey, I know your secrets. And you know who it’s safe to confess your naughty secrets to, don’t you? In the meantime, view some eye candy and maybe even treat yourself:


As for me, yes, I wear both stockings and pantyhose, depending on the dress and the weather. No pantyhose when the weather is sultry hot–stockings only! And for that strategic little surprise on a special occasion, there’s always my favorite, crotchless pantyhose. Oh yes.

Here’s a bit of trivia: Pantyhose is the American spelling. If you think I’m spelling it wrong, you may be from England, where it is spelled pantihose, also referred to as tights; not at all the heavier, opaque legwear Americans call tights. I have no idea what Brits call those. A good example of “two nations divided by a common language!”

Call and tell me what mature women, silky pantyhose (however you spell it), stockings, garter belts, and so forth do for you!

Call Emmalouise for phone sex on Niteflirt.com


P.S. Come back in a couple days for the podcast version of this post . . .

Your Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Call

erotic hypnosis phone sexMy best phone sex friend Miss June and I have been talking a lot lately about erotic hypnosis. We each do it very differently, but the end result is the same: a very enjoyable time for our callers and for us.

Doing erotic hypnosis is fun, but I treat it as a serious skill. That is why I often ask callers to fill out a short questionnaire before calling; when you answer those questions, it saves us time in your call because I will ask these questions anyway!

Timing Your Erotic Hypnosis Phone Session

I like callers to arrange calls ahead of time, but this is especially important with hypnosis sessions. Again, this is because hypnosis is actually skilled work and I want to make sure you get a quality call. If I’m getting tired or you catch me just as I was about to sign off my phone lines . . . not good. To give a good hypnosis session, I need to be at the top of my game and have plenty of time with you! If I’m the least bit sleepy I tend to hypnotize myself as well, and if I’m really tired, the result can be, um, interesting.

phone sex hypnosis sessionIf I don’t know you, or unless you know you’ll go under extremely quickly, half an hour is an absolute minimum time to budget for your call; I prefer to have 45 minutes available. If we don’t take that long, I only charge for the time we used. Part of the skill involved in hypnosis is to ease a person out of their trance in a gentle manner, keeping track of the time in order to do that. I always feel bad when we are enveloped in a lovely scenario and your battery dies/your money runs out. I always do everything I can on my end to make sure you are a happy, floaty, awake camper before your time runs out.

Stop by and visit my erotic hypnosis listing on Niteflirt, Sensual Erotic Hypnosis, and check out Miss June’s hypnosis website, PhoneSexHypnotist.com, as well! Call one or both of us to sink into that lovely, blissful place where wonderful things can and do happen.

At the end of this post are five of my inexpensive audios. While they are not hypnosis audios, I use my “hypnosis voice” to explore their ongoing themes of submission and goddess worship. At $6.00 each, how can you go wrong? (If you don’t want to purchase them through Niteflirt, please email me about how to buy them from me directly–CallEmmalouise@gmail.com.)


A Valentine’s Day Detour with a Mature Phone Sex Goddess

intelligent phone sexWhat happens when a mature phone sex Goddess tries to come up with a story that will fit the disparate fetishes of her many callers? I gave this a lot of thought. Some of you are submissive; others rather dominant and still others resolutely part of the vanilla world. You are adult babies and humiliation addicts; guys who just like to talk, cuckolds, and a few of you who love to push the envelope on the taboo side. Some of you love to relinquish your control to me in erotic hypnosis. Every one of you is unique in your own fun way! About the only common factor is that you come to me for understanding and intelligent phone sex.

This is what I came up with:

Valentine’s Day Detour

You are on your way to a small party for V-day, one that you aren’t particularly enthusiastic about. You are carrying flowers because you are supposed to meet a blind date there, and everyone says she has “a great personality.” The problem is, your unique sexual needs have been unfulfilled lately, and you have a burning desire for something much, much more arousing than “a great personality.”

Halfway to the party, your car gets a flat tire. Worse still, your cell phone is dead, about as useful as those damned flowers. It’s dark out, but there is one house with lights on inside, the house where your car gave up. Thinking you might still somehow make it to your party if you can call a friend to come get you, you pick up the flowers and head up the walk to the door.

intelligent phone sexYour breath catches in your throat when I open the door. You hear soft music playing and see candlelight. I’m wearing a floor-length red dress that clings to my every curve. It is cut low enough to show off the round fullness of my breasts, but you can’t take your eyes off the slit all the way up the front showing off my long legs. High-end silk stockings, and just a hint of the deep red garter belt underneath. And elegant stiletto heels that add four inches to my height.

The scent emanating from my skin makes you dizzy. I smile at you, all warmth and seduction, and gesture you through the doorway, closing (and locking) the door behind you. “These are beautiful–thank you!” I say in a voice that instantly catches the attention of your cock, and I take the flowers from your hands. “Come with me while I find a vase for them.” You follow me, mesmerized by the graceful movement of my delicious ass. You have completely forgotten about your phone, your car, your party . . .

What happens next? This is your phone sex fantasy–you tell me . . . Call Button


Mature Cuckolding Phone Sex: The Cuckold Whisperer

Talking About Cuckolds and Phone Sex

I use “Cuckold Whisperer” a bit tongue-in-cheek and in fun. It took me a while to figure out how I could fulfill cuckolding phone sex calls in a way that is genuine but sexy. I have cheated and been cheated on and nobody felt good–the unbearable pain broke up relationships and hurt a lot of people. How could I make that sexy?

The trick was in listening. When I got a cuckolding call, I put aside all my own feelings, opened my mind, and paid attention. (Listening and paying attention, by the way, are often what separate a genuine, mature phone sex goddess from just another girl putting up explicit pictures on Niteflirt!)

Cuckolding phone sexHonestly, very few of you talked about “fluffing” and “cream pies.” You talked about your fantasies, your feelings, your conflicts, your satisfaction and your deeply fulfilled–and truthfully, sometimes broken–relationships.

From there it was a simple step to segue from listening to encouraging you, to slipping into the role play, describing the scenario in delicious detail, and bringing everything you told me to life.

We talk about your wife. Or your girlfriend. The one you think is playing around when she comes home late from work. And you may be a little hurt, but you are also a little turned on . . . let’s say a LOT turned on. Or she’s been hinting at you about men with bigger cocks than yours and wondering what they’re like. Could she be a closet size-queen?

Maybe neither of the above! Maybe she’s true blue to you but you can’t get the idea out of your head, that constant picture of someone else bringing her to new levels of ecstasy.

I love hearing your stories, dreams, hopes, insecurities, and fantasies. It’s also fun to role-play your lady, telling you all about what I’ve been up to–either just to share the fun because it turns you on so, or because he satisfied me in ways you never can.

If this sounds good to you, here’s my cuckolding phone sex listing on Niteflirt: Let’s Talk About Your Wife. Or just call me!

Call Button

My cuckolding audios

Blogging About Mature Phone Sex (with an imp underfoot)

blog about mature phone sexI don’t blog nearly as often as I should, so it was with firm intention that I sat down close to Halloween to write a post about mature phone sex while waiting for my phone to ring. The advantages of a mature woman. It seemed so write, I mean right, with leaves falling, to ponder May-October relationships and the virility of younger men and how they . . . well. Yes. Remembering to leave this blog fairly clean because I raised a teenage boy and know what I didn’t want him to find on the internet. You want the dirty talk? That’s why you call me!

I was distracted, however, by the recent disappearance of many of my belongings–the latest, my most beloved string of opera length pearls, a gift from an ardent and loyal caller (you know who you are and I adore you and my pearls!) Ever since my phone sex imp moved in, life has been full of these little mysteries. She is cute as a button with red hair and black boots but full of WAY too much mischief! She ALWAYS makes off with the last cookie and hides the toilet paper.

Well, THIS time I caught her in the act, zipping off with my perfect coffee cup, the one with the wide base and narrow top that the cats can’t knock over. I left my blogging and ran after her, threatening her with impicide and hoping I would find her secret hiding place, a sort of impish magpie’s nest with my errant things. But I wasn’t fast enough. That little imp moves like lightning, and then she’s gone! I have to admit I simply sat down where her trail ran cold and sobbed.

mature phone sex for halloweenShe must have seen me. After a few minutes I dried my tears and went back to my desk to work on my blog post. Life does, after all, go on. And wouldn’t you know, the draft of my blog was gone! But there, in its place, was my strand of pearls. Impie has a heart, it seems.

I sighed, and bowed to the inevitable. I wasn’t meant to write about mature phone sex today. Perhaps after Halloween my little imp will settle down. You think?

Imp that stole the mature phone sex blog

Force of July: Independence on Fire Hot Phone Sex

force of july intelligent phone sexHappy Independence Day!

Phone sex is, for me, a lot about my own independence. I can remember my mother exclaiming in a fit of pique, using language she NEVER used: “Emma, do you HAVE to be so damned INDEPENDENT?”

Ayep. I don’t know how to be any other way, at least not with any grace or success.

But independence is SEXY. I love what I do and I don’t need you for approval. I love who I am and I don’t need you for validation. I have freed myself to be exactly who I am so that you can be free to be exactly who you are–or in the case of phone sex fantasyland, whoever you WANT to be!

Phone sex is about working independently for myself. I set my hours, my terms, my prices, my limits. The boss drives me hard sometimes and she’s damned stingy about time off but she’s very understanding if I don’t feel well. She gets that what I really want is to connect with people and that’s just fine with her. She lets me keep my animals at work and every day is casual Friday!

domain privacy for sex workersI learned of two seemingly minor things this week that threaten to erode the independence of sex workers. One is that the organization that runs domain names, ICANN, is considering doing away with domain privacy for commercial websites. That would mean that my name and home address would be made public because I own this website–a rule potentially devastating every woman who owns a website that is monetized in any way.

The other is that Visa and Mastercard, along with the other major cards, stopped allowing their use for ads on Backpage. While touted as a way to slow down human trafficking (I’m sure most people involved in internationally illegal trade just pull out their plastic to do their dirty work), it ends up punishing those of us trying to make a totally legal living in the adult entertainment world.

These events have inspired me to honor
the interdependence of sex workers.

I talk a lot about Mistress June because she and I talk almost every day and probably 90 percent of what I know about phone sex (and marketing it) I learned from her. But there are a whole lot of other creative, hot phone sex marvels whom I’ve shared space with on forums and Twitter. They are sexy, fun, and generous with one another.

call emmalouise for intelligent phone sexIf you’re familiar with Twitter, you probably understand #FF–Follow Friday, where we pass around names encouraging our followers to follow our friends. I came up with “Force of July: Independence on Fire” as a way to take that just a step further and give a bit of my internet real estate to them. I’ll be tweeting about them this week and I’ve dedicated a new page on this site to some of them–because when you can’t call me, I want you to call them! I promise you it will be worth every cent, and then I want you to call ME and tell me all about the fireworks!


Dr. Emma, Your Therapist Phone Sex Fetish

therapist phone sex fetishMy dear boys, you need a therapist. Well, you WANT a therapist. You may want a stern, humiliating, mind-fucking therapist, or a sexy, seductive therapist who makes hot use of that couch.

You may even want someone you can really, seriously just talk with: the confidentiality, brains, and empathy of a therapist without a formal therapy relationship. The good news is you have it all right here: Dr. Emma, Your Therapist–Nasty or Nice. Come visit my office!

I was a serious therapist for two decades in real life. Now I get to play one with you. Would you like your naughty therapist to tease or seduce you? Or perhaps you’d like to seduce your therapist?

Or perhaps your therapy fantasies take a darker turn and your therapist exposes and humiliates you, either with sadistic satisfaction or cold indifference? A couple of my most enjoyable callers return regularly for their visits–one must have his aversion therapy visits where I expose him to an unpleasant part of myself up-close in order to cure him of his obsession with that spot on women–another is undergoing years of ongoing humiliating tease and denial therapy to rid him of his nasty and unacceptable behaviors. My back office–locked to vanilla clients–does have some interesting furnishings and equipment . . . especially my penile plethysmograph, which records what REALLY arouses you, regardless of the pathetic little lies you attempt to tell me!

On the other hand, back to reality, you might just like to talk with someone who really knows how to listen. Not quite therapy, because phone sex isn’t the place for that, but the next best thing–a pretty lady with a good brain and a kind ear. The confidential epitome of intelligent phone sex.

Here’s a selection of my “Dr. Emma” erotic therapist audios. Two of them are Niteflirt email series (with graphic nude photos), so you have to be a Niteflirt member to purchase them. I’m looking into converting them into videos. Won’t that be fun?

EmmaGBPSIBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.com Emmalouise small penis humiliationBuy from Emmalouise through Niteflirt.com

My appointment book is open. Call me for your long-overdue erotic therapy session.

Dr. Emma

Dirty Talk Audio: A new site, an old friend

FemDom Phone SexI’ve mentioned my dear friend June, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, several times here. Have you seen her latest evolution at ExplicitJune.com? I think it’s brilliant. You’re really missing something if you haven’t read her views on radical happiness.

Audio Porn and Erotic MP3s

In one of our daily talks, we discussed challenging ourselves and one another to be more creative, particularly in the arena of audios, which we know our callers love. A few long, loopy conversations and convolutions later, we had a plan and a domain name in hand: www.DirtyTalkAudio.com.

dirty talk audio bannerSo every week we pick out two naughty pictures from our vast collections. We’re both image hoarders. Fortunately, there is no TV show for those of us whose hard drives are cluttered from pillar to post with everything from backgrounds to puppies to pornography!

Then each of us makes a short audio, five to six minutes, to go with each of the two erotic photos. What Miss June and I have in common are intelligence, authenticity, off-the-charts creativity, and a great sense of fun. From there our styles are different as can be, so our audios are sure to be wildly divergent.

We will be releasing our audios on Tuesdays and Saturdays on our new website www.DirtyTalkAudio.com. Our first set, Black Orchid, went up last Tuesday, and our second, “You Want Me to WHAT?” is going up now!

Erotic Hypnotic Audio Fantasy

hypnosis audio teaseIn Black Orchid, I take you on a short hypnotic fantasy as you worship the Black Orchid Goddess. As you become increasingly weak and helpless, you find yourself off balance, wondering whether you are submitting to a woman, a Goddess, or an erotic flower with a dominant will of its own. You feel the sensual touch and the sexual scent overpower you, and you realize you are being consumed . . .

Forced Bi Submissive Pet Audio

DTAYouWantWhatGBIn this audio you are my submissive pervert in forced bi training being introduced to my beautiful shemale friend Janis. You and my little slut joey, that is. I’m going to have the two of you doing the sloppy two-tongue tango on her erect dance floor, knowing that you love it! I am normally  sweet and kind but I am capable of a nasty and sometimes even mean streak, which I demonstrate in a surprise ending. Your life will never be the same again!

You can buy our Dirty Talk Audios as goodies on Niteflirt. If you prefer, you can contact us individually about buying them directly from us.

In other news, I’ve made my audio porn “The Tease” available as a recorded listing on Niteflirt, so if you’d like to listen to it (or part of it) without having to buy it outright, you can do so here!